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Business in 2022 and beyond will require using software to help manage your business.  The question is how many different platforms will you need to be effective in running your business?  As you grow and manage your business you will need customer management software, invoicing or estimating software, email marketing  and probably even more.  Wouldn’t it be great to just have one platform to learn , one platform to pay for, one login to remember and many functions to help you grow your business?  Blackwallstreet.net  has partnered with a team of great developers to offer our community an efficient and affordable solution for all-in-one software to grow and manage your business.

All-In-One Software for Entrepreneurs

Our all-in-one software will help you improve marketing strategies, upsell to clients, and improve client relations, all from one dashboard!

In addition to these, many other tools and automations will allow you to gather your customer data to sharpen your operations as well as better focus a variety of sales and marketing functions.  Beyond the internal functions for you the business owner, are the external functions for your clients.  Imagine being able to keep you client files, and information in a shared portal with your client.  Contracts, project information, timelines, tasks, etc. all easily accessible from your customized client portal.  Your clients will be happy they are doing business with you !

Doing business on blackwallstreet.net will elevate your organization to the next level.  Best of all blackwallstreet.net donates a percentage of every dollar back into African American business education and micro grants to entrepreneurs. 

Grow your business and support your community. 


Access your team and technology from any location or device with mobile app.

Affordable Value

Replace several software subscriptions and add a team member for one price.


Quality Services

Our development team and product is proven and our LIVE agents accessible.

CRM/Client Management

Gone are the days of not know important information about your clients, now all that information is in one place.  Your business can now have a visual dashboard for each of your clients to view and transport information. Project a professional look to all your clients, while keeping useful records, documents, notes and data.  You will have powerful features to help retain and grow profitable relationships.

Custom Business Automation

Your business has now got “flows”.  You can now have clients sign documents, upload files, and more in a “flow” type sequence when they come on board as clients.  Use various options to trigger functions and permissions automatically upon client actions.  Clients can view and e-sign contracts automatically and you are notified of each step in the process.

Appointment Scheduling

Your business now will have a custom integrated appointment or booking page, that can be embedded on your website.  Enjoy options for appointment length, time in between appointments, even the calendar for other staff members on your team. You will have a birds eye view of your booking calendar, that’s integrated with your tasks and projects management

Project Management

Manage the next big project better and more efficient.  Layout your plan and collaborate with others easily on one platform.  Create and disseminate budgets, tasks to team members and manage their deliverables.  Better collaboration means improved tasks management and timeline adhesion.  Integrate team members to one online location for project files, news and updates. 

Cloud Based Proposals

Engage your clients with a clean professional proposal, that they can view, sign, and send back to you all without being logged into an account.  Cloud based means they are accessible from and browser system on any device.  After your approval, proposals can be converted to invoices and a series of follow up message can be sent to your new client.  Proposals you use frequently can be saved and easily sent to new clients automatically.

Estimates & Invoicing

Clients can easily view estimates and invoices inside their portals.  You can build and send estimates and invoices automatically based on proposal and triggered actions.  Branding can be your own colors, logo and tagline if applicable.  Views and payments will be sent to you as notifications and recorded for later access.   Credit and Debit cards, with partial payment options and various gateway connections.

Email & Drip Marketing

Email is the best form of digital communication to build relationships.  Using email audiences and marketing drip campaigns can all be done within your platform.  You can build campaigns easily with our WYSIWIG editor and carry new clients from CRM directly into email marketing.  Templates allow you to build a campaign, perfect it, and save for use at any time, all on your schedule. Autoresponders allow you to send automatic emails on a set schedule as clients work their way through your pipeline.