Historical Black Wall Street districts across America.

Jackson Ward

Jackson Ward • Richmond, VA

After the American Civil War, previously free blacks joined freed slaves and their descendants and created a thriving African-American business community, and became known as the “Black Wall Street of America.”

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Greenwood • Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Greenwood district in Tulsa came to be known as “Black Wall Street”, one of the most commercially successful and affluent majority African-American communities in the United States.

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Farish Street

Farrish Street • Jackson, Mississippi

Named after a family that lived and had businesses on that street for four generations, the street became a flourishing business area after the imposition of legal segregation under Jim Crow.

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Sweet Auburn

Sweet Auburn • Atlanta, Georgia

Sweet Auburn was coined by John Wesley Dobbs, as the “richest Negro street in the world,” one of the largest concentrations of African-American businesses in the United States.

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Black Durham

Black Durham • Durham, North Carolina

The hub of African-American businesses and financial services in Durham, North Carolina, during the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is located on Parrish Street. It was home to Mechanics and Farmers Bank and North Carolina Mutual.

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